Welcome to YasuLab.

I'm Yohei YASUKAWA, the owner of this site.
This site contains my software, projects, photo albums, etc. I hope any of contents are useful for you.
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For my recent activities, visit Activity page. (最近の活動はこちら)

- Twitter Bot Development with Google App Engine
- Haribote Operating System Development
- Web Page Development with Joomla!
- Running Eyebot Movie
- Dictionary-Based Brainstorming Tool

- IAESTE Internship in Prague, Czech Republic
- Works iDistributed and Ubiquitous Computing Lab
- Study Abroad in Monmouth College, Illinois, USA

- SPUMONE, Software Processing Unit, Multiplexing ONE into two
- Alvila, Open Source Framework to Rapidly Create GUI
- Sorarier, Meta Search Engine on Airline Companies arriving in Japan

- Flyer-Ads Design
- CD Package Design
- Logo Design